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The hub is a program that hosts the game rooms. It's basically a menu for rooms. If you want your room to appear in a certain hub, you will need to select it when creating your room in game.

If no Hubs are up you can host your own.

Want your hub to appear here?

Installing the plugin

First you need to install the multiplayer plugin using the the ModSaber Installer. You will also need Custom Avatar Plugin and CustomUI, which should be installed automatically. After running the game once with the plugin installed a folder called UserData will be created with a file called BeatSaberMultiplayer.json inside, you can create them yourself before starting the game if you're impatient. Here you can setup what hub you want to use, and whether or not you want avatars to show up in the lobby and/or the game.

    "_serverHubIPs": [
    "_serverHubPorts": [
    "_showAvatarsInGame": false,
    "_showAvatarsInRoom": true,
    "_spectatorMode": false,
    "_maxSimultaneousDownloads": 3,
    "_beatSaverURL": ""

Running a Room

To create a Room you'll need to be connected to at least one Hub, and register your Room with a Hub. To do that simply select the desired Hub on Room creation. You will be presented with 2 menus, the configuration menu on the middle, and the song select menu on the left.

On the song select menu you can pick which songs will be available in the room, these are picked from your CustomSongs folder and the OST song pool. You must select at least one song to proceed, and you can use the UNCHECK ALL and CHECK ALL buttons to help you.

On the configuration menu you'll see six option:

  1. The Room Name, which you can change with EDIT NAME.
  2. The Room password, which you can set with EDIT PASSWORD.
  3. Use Password determines if a password is needed to join.
  4. Song Selection dictates how songs will be picked. The following values are available:
    • Manual where the host picks the next song.
    • Random where the next song is picked at random.
    • Voting where the players vote on the next song.
  5. Max Players sets the maximum amount of players that can join.
  6. No Fail Mode decides if players can fail a song or not.

After you finish configuring it, click the CREATE ROOM button to proceed.


The plugin now supports Custom Avatars!

Your avatar will need to be on ModelSaber for this to work. Ask the maker to upload it if your favorite avatar isn't in there.

Running a hub

If there's no public hubs available, or for any reason you want to run your own, you'll have to download the relevant ServerHub_*.zip for your OS from the multiplayer repository. Just like the plugin, upon running the hub will created a setting file called Settings.json.

Make sure to visit the Hub Guide for more information.

Note: If you're running the hub and/or the server on your same computer or network, you'll have to change some settings around.

If you're running the hub on the same computer or network as the one you'll be playing on, you'll have to change the _serverHubIP setting in Config\BeatSaberMultiplayer.json to either or your local IP, respectively.