Custom Sabers

angeliod0103's Guide to Making your own Sabers


Hi, this is a guide on how to make sabers for beat saber. First there are a few programms you will need:


Now it's your job to find an MMD model of a sword you like, here is the one I used in this tutorial.

In blender you will need a plugin to use the MMD files. You can download CATS plugin here, and MMD tools here.

The location should be something like blender/2.79/scripts/addons.

Then you can open up blender :)


It should look something like this. You can then clean it up by pressing a, a, [DELETE], and [ENTER].


Then I should like this it's one of many short cut in the progamm but dont worry I wont use a lot

To install the plugin click on the File menu on the upper left corner.


Then go to user preferences.


It wil show you a small menu. There go to add-ons (blue), search for cats (red) and hit the little checkbox on (black) then close the menu.


On the left side there should be a tab called CATS.


now do the same thing with the MMD tools in the same folder

Inporting & Exporting a Model

In the CATS tab there will be an Import Model, button press it and select your model. Its should be a .pmx file.


The model should appear in the center of your screen.


When you just import the model it won't have all the right materials, to fix that that click the arrow on the right.


A small menu should show up. Scroll down and then click the shadeless button, uncheck the Sphere T and the Toon Tex checkboxes and it should look properly.


You can now export the file by clicking File menu in the left upper corner, then exporting as an .FBX. Save it in the same folder as the original .pmx file. Give your file a name (blue) and then click export at the right upper corner.



Note: DO NOT create a new project, instead import the premade project. The author of this guide got this step wrong, and it wasn't an issue back then, but now it will not work if done this way.

The first thing you should do is open a new project, then you should have something like this.

Afbeelding 1

Now we are going to import the sword and then premade project.

Afbeelding 4

Now open the project by clicking on custom sabers, then unity project, then assets, and lastly on sabers.

Afbeelding 7

Afbeelding 10

Afbeelding 13

Afbeelding 16

Now the saber are in the middle of the screen. Don't worry if you don't see the blue one, its normal as it is under the red one.

Afbeelding 19

Now select your saber.

Afbeelding 22

Afbeelding 25

Afbeelding 28

Then click on inspector in the upper right corner.

Afbeelding 31

Then click the Materials tab and then change Location to use external materials, then hit Apply.

Afbeelding 34

Now drag the swords in to the scene.

Afbeelding 40

It should now be in the scene. The location doesn't matter, it's something we can fix later.

It will create a folder called Materials.

Afbeelding 37

In it you will see a few spheres with a picture in yhrm. Those are your materials. You will need to change the shaders to one of the BeatSaber, so select one to edit it.

Afbeelding 43

Now press on the top of the menu, next to Shader, where it says Standard, and change it to a BeatSaber shaders of your choosing, they all have different functions.

  1. Lit Glow is the one that makes the lightsaber glow.
  2. Metallic give it a metallic look.
  3. Unlit make it look normal just like it show in the scene.
  4. Unlit Cutout is similar to 3 but more advanced.

For this shader I use Lit Glow to make the skull shine.

Afbeelding 46

Blue is the shader.
Red is the color of the glow.
Black are slider that determine how much they glow.

This material is a little different because it has the unlit shader on it.

Afbeelding 49

Afbeelding 55

As you can see, the texture disappears so you will have to select it again.

Afbeelding 58

It wil open a new menu. Just select the same texture as before and it'll be fixed.

Afbeelding 61

Now do the same thing for the other shaders.

Afbeelding 67

Black = Lit Glow

Blue = Unlit Glow

Now we have a single red sword, so now we want to create the blue one. Go back and select your sword, and press CTRL+d on it to create a duplicate.

Afbeelding 70

Then do the samething as the first one make it use the materials folder and put in the scene.
The problem is you can see them now click on you new sword in the scene.

Afbeelding 73

On the right the now is a menu called Transform.

Afbeelding 76

Change the y value to 0.5.

Afbeelding 79

Now go back to your materials folder and Right Click, and select Create -> Material. A new orb should appear.

Afbeelding 82

Then next thing is to make it the right shader and color.

Afbeelding 85

Then drag the material you just created onto the part you want blue.

Afbeelding 88

Don't worry if it's the wrong part, you can press CTRL+z to undo it.

Now repeat the progress for the skull.

Afbeelding 91

Red = red sword
Blue = blue sword
Black = both swords

Now it is time to put the swords on the right place. You are going to link them by dragging them on it

Afbeelding 94

Now you need move the swords so that it's in the same position and size as the default sabers. Just mess with the transform values or drag them with the arrows.

Afbeelding 97

In this case I need to rotate the swords, because the cutting edge is facing the worng way. You can do that in transform, in my case it was making the Z=90 degrees.

Afbeelding 100

After some messing around is should look something like this.

Afbeelding 103

But now it doenst fit, the sword is to short. To fix that go to transform and change the scale values.

Afbeelding 106

Now to do the blue sword, there is a easy way. Just click the gear in the transform menu:

Afbeelding 109

And click Copy Component.

Then go to the blue sabers transform menu.

Afbeelding 112

Click the gear in the transform menu and hit Paste Component and it's done.

Afbeelding 115

Disabeling the Premade

You will need to disable the premade sabers, otherwise you will keep seeing them in game. To do that click on them in the scene menu. You need to do them one by one.

Afbeelding 118

Then uncheck the box in the right upper corner.

Afbeelding 121

Do this for both swords then it should look like this.

Afbeelding 124

Getting ready to export

Go to the Edit menu.

Afbeelding 127

Then go to Project Setting -> Player, you'll get a menu on you right.

Afbeelding 130

Activate Virtual Reality Supported and put it on Single Pass

Afbeelding 133

Now you're ready to export. Go to the Window menu.

Afbeelding 136

Then hit Saber Exporter, give it a name and author, and the export it.

Afbeelding 142

Chose a location to save it then put it in the CustomSabers folder.

Afbeelding 145

Once you've got your saber exported, if you want to share it with the world make sure to upload it to ModelSaber.

Then go have fun in beat saber.